What is ShutterPilot Glider™?

What is ShutterPilot Glider™?

We’d all love to try out the fancy new features available to us in the world of photo booths, but taking a photo booth out of service, even temporarily, to test something is typically a no-go. What if you could test things out right from your computer, without tying up a photo booth?

That’s exactly what ShutterPilot Glider™ is! You can create a “light” photo booth, run it right on your computer, and still take advantage of all the features of ShutterPilot Photo Hub. If you’re new to ShutterPilot altogether, this is a good way to explore what Photo Hub has to offer. If you just want to try out some new features or see what a campaign will look like when you roll it out at event, Glider is perfect for that as well.

However, Glider also can be used as a lightweight alternative to turn any additional hardware you have into a simple photo booth. Have an iPad or Android tablet? It’s now a photo booth with hardly any setup. Just visit the link listed on your Photo Hub dashboard via your tablet’s web browser and start shooting selfies!

You can also post links to your Glider booths around the Internet, or embed them as QR Codes on flyers so people can use their own phones to take photo booth photos for your campaign. (For this sort of scenario, I recommend building a really compelling incentive that wouldn’t be available anywhere else.)

Finally, Glider is the perfect test platform for us. That means, as long as there are no technical limitations that prevent us from trying something in Glider, we’ll test out new functionality in Glider first, which means you can too! This allows us to iterate quickly when vetting new features, and means that by the time a feature lands in our other products, the UX is well-tested and it’s guaranteed to work seamlessly with ShutterPilot Photo Hub.

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