Not your father's photo booth


Built for the way you use photo booths in 2021 and the way you'll use them in 2022


Our photo booths, software, and services deliver quality experiences wherever you are


Fully-integrated touchless mode means the booth stays completely sanitary


We are the only HIPAA- and COPAA-aware* photo booth software vendor on the market


We are proactive about ensuring your data is protected


We're always aggressively re-inventing the future to deliver next-generation experiences

Photo and video software
for a connected social distanced world

100% touchless photo booth experience

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The ultimate photo booth

the most durable, portable, affordable, highest quality photo booth ever

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Metrics and analytics for the marketer in all of us

See exactly how many people have taken their photo, received it, and shared to social media. Take the guesswork out of social media content campaigns.

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