Install or update Capture

  1. Download Capture 3.1 for Windows. Once downloaded, run the installer.
  2. Run Capture by clicking the icon on your desktop.

To configure your photo booth with Photo Hub (for SMS, email, and social media integration):

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for a Photo Hub account at (You can do this on your own computer, but the remaining steps must be done on your photo booth.)
  2. Press F3 (or Fn+F3) on your keyboard.
  3. Enter your Photo Hub username and password, as well as a Friendly Name (this is how your photo booth will show up in Photo Hub) and click "Activate".
  4. When you return to the "Touch to Start" screen, your booth is upgraded and connected.

Once your photo booth is activated:

  1. Create a campaign by visiting Be sure to choose your photo booth on the last screen.
  2. Sign up for a subscription by clicking the "Renew" button next to your photo booth.