ShutterPilot Copilot

ShutterPilot Copilot is a background process designed to work with the photo booth software you currently use, yet still enable you to take advantage of the power and peace of mind that the ShutterPilot platform provides. Installation and configuration takes less than 5 minutes.

Install and Configure

  1. On your photo booth, download Copilot from here
  2. Once downloaded, run the the installer to install the software. Optionally, choose to have Copilot start automatically when the photo booth turns on (recommended)
  3. Run Copilot from the Desktop icon or from your Start menu
  4. Right-click the ShutterPilot Copilot icon in the system tray (next to the clock) and choose "Activate" (this screen may appear automatically)
  5. Enter your Photo Hub username and password, as well as a "friendly name" for your booth (this is just so you can refer to your booth as something you will remember) and submit. If you don't have a Photo Hub username and password, you can sign up at
  6. Open your photo booth software, switch to the Email/SendGrid and SMS/Twilio screens, changing all usernames, passwords, API Keys, etc. to "SHUTTERPILOT" (the actual text is not important; what is important is that it isn't a valid Twilio/SendGrid username or key).
  7. Continue to run your existing photo booth software as normal!

Supported Software