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Why should your photo booths send photos immediately?
Posted on Nov 17, 2019

You’re posing in front of a photo booth. The flash goes off and you wait in anticipation as your photo appears on the screen. Excited to share your photo with your friends, you enter your phone number, tap “Send” and… nothing happens. 10 minutes later, you still haven’t received your photo. What happens next? Best case scenario, you receive you photo later that day, while the event or location where you took your photo is still fresh in your mind.

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So you're new to the market?
Posted on Nov 3, 2019

Welcome! You’ve just purchased or built your first photo booth (or maybe you’re just gearing up to) and now you’re faced with the big question: What’s Next? Getting started with your fledgling photo booth company doesn’t have to be hard, regardless of whether your goal is to build an empire or just to have a hobby that pays for itself. In my experience, there are four main areas you should focus on up front (and even to continue to keep a pulse on as you grow your business):

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